the word is very important

I am convinced that reading the word is very important to the Christian life.

Back to the Bible. That is the call.

We Christians should read The Word often.

We need to read The Word to KNOW God.

We need to read The Word to strengthen our faith.

"Faith cometh by the Word "

One of the problems today is that Christians don't  know The Word.

How can we combat the forces of evil if we don't know The Word.

Jesus used The Word to oppose the devil in Matt. Chapter 4. when tempted in the desert.

Eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ who he sent.

We get to know God as we read the Bible.

How privileged we are compared to previous generations to have The Complete Word of God for each of us to read and study.

Many good Christian books have been published on many good subjects. We can learn using these books. But there is no substitute for personal study of The Word of God.

I love to hear Preachers ask the people to hold up their bibles and together say "this is my Bible"

"I am what it says I am."

"I can do what it says I can do."

"I have what it says I have."

Praise God that He gave us his precious Word.

I love my bible.

Do you love your Bible?




the word is very important