Mercy brings us up from below.

Grace then takes over and moves us to the heights.








The sister words Grace and Mercy. The words grace and mercy can best be illustrated by a story.

Once upon a time during the dark ages in England a poor man was caught poaching deer in the forest of the King.

He was tied hand and foot and brought before the King for judgment. The penalty for poaching was always death.

The man begged, "Oh, King be merciful  to me."

The King was touched by the mans plea and told the man in everyone's hearing,

"You are forgiven and will not be punished."

and then the King said more,

" You are to be given a house on my land and servants and riches of your own."


from this story we can see the words Mercy and Grace.

Mercy is when we don't get what we do deserve.

Grace is when we do get what we don't deserve.