Please read this and let me know if you are a seeker.

If you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him.

 You can know for sure that you will go to heaven.

You may say, "I 'm no saint." The Bible tells us that we can know for sure.

Question???? "How can I know for sure since I do not know how I will live for the rest of my life?"

You may believe that gaining eternal life is dependent on your behavior (how you live). That is not what God tells us in the Bible.

The Bible teaches that eternal life is not something that you earn. Eternal life is a gift.

The only way to get the gift of eternal life is by accepting Jesus Christ as your own savior.

Jesus paid for all our sins on the cross.

Our part is to trust in him. ( Trust means to rely on, rest in, have faith in, Jesus and him only.)

We can do nothing to add to the perfect work of Jesus. By faith in Jesus we receive the gift of eternal life.

Tell God that you are a sinner and need Jesus. Then accept the gift that God offers. You do not deserve eternal life, but you can have it freely.

Then you will know for sure that you have eternal life.

Born again - just means that you are a believer. Trusting in Jesus and sure. I hope you take the time to understand exactly what I am saying. read this a couple of times and let me know if it makes sense to you.